Ending Homelessness: What Works

Inspiring and Effective Solutions from The Tyee’s Monte Paulsen.

When:  Friday, October 9th. 7:00pm.

Where: Museum of Vancouver. 1100 Chestnut St. Map: https://museumofvancouver.ca/directions-to-mov

Cost:Free, but a donation to the Food Bank is encouraged.

More info: Monte Paulsen has been investigating homelessness in Vancouver — its causes and its cures — for nearly three years. We at The Tyee know Monte to be smart, tenacious, and a person who deeply cares. Which is why he finds out so much, and has so many good ideas to share.

On Friday, October 9, members of the public can gain the benefit of Paulsen’s insights when he gives a talk at the Museum of Vancouver marking Homeless Action Week. Titled Ending Homelessness: What Works, the illustrated presentation will survey the state of homelessness in B.C., review the history of homelessness in Vancouver, and explore strategies to end street homelessness across the province.

“Homelessness is not like cancer or climate change. Homelessness is something we actually know how to cure,” Paulsen says.

“We can end homelessness in British Columbia, with measurable benefit to our public health and collective dignity, for less money than we are currently spending to maintain the homeless.”

Following the event, MOV will host an informal discussion and reception. MOV will also launch a feature entitled Home Phone by local design firm, Contexture. This decommissioned phone booth has been re-imagined as a living space.

According to the designers,” For many homeless people without the benefit of a cell phone, the public phone booth is an important amenity to connect beyond local neighbourhoods. We see the loss of the phone booth as a loss of public infrastructure in our cities. We’re not suggesting that the Home Phone is a realistic solution to the homelessness problems in Vancouver, instead an opportunity for discussion. ”

Keep reading: https://thetyee.ca/Tyeenews/2009/10/01/EndingHomelessness/

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