10th Annual Influential Women in Business Awards

Alison Parry CFA, CA very graciously invited me to be a guest at the Phillips, Hager & North table at the Influential Women in Business Awards luncheon today.  It was a very well done event and personally both a humbling and inspiring experience at the same time.

The honorees were:

Julia Kim, Vice-President, Phillips Hager North Investment Management
Tracey McVicar, Managing Director, CAI Capital Management
Colleen Nystedt, President & CEO, MovieSet Inc
Jane Peverett, Corporate Director
Tamara Vrooman, CEO, Vancity

and Carole Taylor won a lifetime achievement award.

What I found really interesting was, while united by notable achievement, how truly unique each woman was in her perspective and style.

On the Business in Vancouver web page, it says that the award criteria are that besides professional or entrepreneurial achievements, Influential Women in Business are involved in their business community and have power and influence wthin their industry. You will find these women involved on corporate boards, advocating for women in business, and visibly participating in the business community as a whole.

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One thought on “10th Annual Influential Women in Business Awards”

  • 13 years ago

    Great post, Nicole – it’s definitely important to highlight these achievements, particularly as the International Women’s Day approaches (March 8th)

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